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What is Long-Term Care Planning?

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Cost of Care Map?

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Who Should Plan?  Why Plan?

Everyone.  By clicking on the image to the left you will be taken to a video published by Kiplinger's Personal Finance.  This video was created to provide an open dialogue on the problem of long-term care and how important it is for consumers to start a proactive plan by design, rather than one by default.  The video is 23 minutes in length.  A guide to the top Questions & Answers about Long-Term Care Planning is also located at the bottom of this page.

Who Should Talk?

Everyone. The right plan involves the entire family, and a sharing of responsibilities. But adult kids often aren’t sure it’s their place to bring up a subject that might upset or offend their parents. For many, the idea of opening up this conversation feels awkward or like taking over, perhaps even disrespectful. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Click on the image to the left and you will be taken to a copy of Genworth's groundbreaking workbook which openly discusses how to start this conversation with your loved ones.

How Much Do Long-Term Care Services Cost?

Explore the cost of long-term care insurance with John Hancock's long-term care cost map.  Simply click on the image to the left and you will be taken to a map where you can click on any of the states to get a breakdown of regional costs by level of care.  As always you can contact us for more specific questions or concerns.

Questions & Answers

Explore some of the most common questions and answers that poeple have when it comes to Long-Term Care Planning.  This is a simple easy to read guide that will take you through the Planning Process. If you would like a hard copy of the guide please feel free to contact us and we will provide to you by mail.  For large quantities also feel free to call us.

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